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Xenu sleuth for capturing hard-coded url

March 16, 2014

Recently when i was working in a SharePoint migration 2007 to 2010 project faced a challenging scenario as given.

Our Sharepoint 2007 application contains hard-coded url in many entities like Lists,WebPart Pages etc. During the course of migration we need to update all the hard-coded url with the updated relative url based on the new environment.

1) Just to kick start we have decided to find out the pages contains the Content Editor WebPart which have

reference to the old url. There is a powershell script we have customized based on our requirement to get the list of pages with

CEWP which meets our criteria.

2) Then we have developed a custom utility to replace the hard coded url with the updated url based on the result

obtained from step 1.

3)After all find & replace stuff we decided to ensure that there will be no reference to the hard coded urls in anywhere in the SharePoint application.

For this task there is a utility called “Xenu sleuth”  http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html

It’s open tool that can be downloaded and installed in order to use the same. The instruction on how to use the tool also available in the above url. One  drawback what we have faced is we are not able to get the Referrer of the hard coded url (i.e. the page in which the hard coded url is referred.)

But it’s a noteworthy tool in order to verify  hard coded Url during the course of migration.

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