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FAST Search in Sharepoint 2010

Hi All,

                     Recently had a scenario to explore about the Sharepoint 2010 FAST search.Let me state out the key steps to be done for the people who are new to

FAST search development.

                     In Sharepoint we can use the FAST search in either of the way as given

                               1. Using Sharepoint server object model

                              2. Using Sharepoint OOB Search.asmx webservice

                 Before proceeding we need to select a query lanaguage for the FAST search. It can ssupport

                                  a)  Keyword Query Langage (KQL)

                                   b) FAST Query Language (FQL)

              KQL is pretty straight forward when compared with FQL whereas it is having below limitation. Even though we can able to retrive the data based on particular date,KQL doesn’t support the search based on datetime range.This is one among the key objective when developer prefer FQL to KQL.

Steps Involved:

FAST installation &  configuration beyond the scope of this article.

i)  Create the Content Source

ii) Create Content types

  • There are scenario where we might requires to create a content type which has to be  available across sitecollections.
  • For this we need to create a dedicated sitecollection to act as ContentType Hub. This blog well addressed on this topic
  • Once the content type hub is created as in above step,we can create the content types & site columns.If there aremore no. of content types & site columns to be created we can make use of Powershell script to reduce the amunt of deployment time.
  • Below the powershell script which will query the simple XML file structure for list of content  types and associated site columns to be created.

iii) Craete Crawled properties

  • Once the sharepoint list or document library structures are created add some data into that. After this start the full crawlingfrom FAST search admin in Central Administration.
  • After the completion of the full crawl, the crawled properties will be created automatically by the Sharepoint,also it will be like                                            ows_{FIELD_INTERNALNAME}

iv) Create Managed Properties

  • Managed properties are the one which will be used like key search term while querying using Sharepoint Search.
  • When creating the managed property from central admin we need to make sure the Queryable property is selected, else it will not give any search result when you search using the managed property.

v) Start to search

           1) Using Sharepoint server object model

  • Once the initial setups are done as per the above steps, here we need to choose the language
  • For both KQL & FQL we can use KeyWordQuery class under the namespace Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query .For FQL need to  set  EnableFQL  property is true.

          2) Using Search.asmx

vi)FAST Search Tool